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Harrison Klein's Inner Circle
Dynamic Wealth and Limitless Love
Mentorship Mastermind Group


   A Heartening Message From:
  The Leading Edge Master Coach
  Harrison Klein

Dear Friend,

Our mission is to supplant ignorance and superstition with wisdom, harmony, understanding, success and profits.

Our world is created by our state of consciousness.

Our imagination fuses with our state of being (emotional levels) and produces physicality (compression of thought into hardened form) from the pictures and thoughts of our minds.

All of creation employs this process.

Your I AM is the energy mover!

Maybe you've been working on yourself for years...
by now you know the journey NEVER ends, right?....

The question is, how high or evolved can a personal growth and success junkie get in each category of life?

You've accepted the principles of cosmic law...

You've mastered the lingo enough to walk without much stress in this world; you've bought lots of programs, connected with like-minded people, expressed lots of gratitude and may even have experienced some transcendent states...


...but somehow some of the same issues you've always had still persist and raise their ugly heads.


Why after all you've learned, and all your efforts, won't these persistant problems not go away?

Better yet, when will they all end so they never reoccur and you can focus on what you love permanently rather than on what you need?

Are you experiencing lack or feelings of unworthiness?

Do you have more bills at the end of the month than money?

If money has you up late at night worrying... then please right now, take a deep breath, exhale and say, "I've Got this" because you do and because help is on the way!

Join Our Elite Insiders'...
Dynamic Wealth and Limitless Love
Mentorship Mastermind
and get the following...

This is a Mentorship Mastermind
in the principles of...

  • Higher Consciousness
  • Love
  • Success
  • Transcendence

  • Miracles
  • Application
Here is just part of what you get with this..

Monthly Mastermind Telephone Meetings with Harrrison Every Month for 12 Months Where the Sum is Greater than the Parts. Magic Will Occur! SYNERGISTICALLY!

Three Calls per Month - 90 Minutes per Call    Value: Priceless

12 Additional FREE Videos - 2 Videos per Month for 6 Months entitled "Designs for Massive Financial, Life, Relationships and Success Change"
Value: $397




Periodic Articles and Videos for Reinforcement

Bonus Gift 1: Harrison's "State of Mind" Audio (Immediate Access) $97 Value

Bonus Gift 2: Harrison's "Speed Manifesting" Audio (Immediate Access) $47 Value

Bonus Gift 3: Harrison's "17 Second Visualization Manifestation" Audio (Immediate Access) $47 Value

Bonus Gift 4: Interview with Harrison Klein, Bill Bartmann - The Billionaire Mindset on Wealth Creation (90 minute audio) Yours FREE when you register

Bonus Gift 5: First 30 Days Membership in "Living the Dream" Community

Bonus Gift 6: Free "Harrison's Consciousness" Monthly Newsletter


In this 3-D world you get what you ARE, not what you want.

Not many people know how to feel immersed in the midst of plenty. Being abundant is much more than a mindset, it comes from implementing mindsets, strategies, feelings, visuals and tactics that I will teach you in this Dynamic Wealth and Limitless Love Mentorship Mastermind Group.

In this Dynamic Wealth and Limitless Love Mentorship Mastermind Group you will also learn:

  • The specific way simple ideas create the magic of manifestation

  • The 3 most effective potent declarations/affirmations there are that support wealth creation

  • The 3 easiest energetic laws of the universe that support new realities for easy prosperity creation

  • The 3 most amazing, ageless and resplendant miracle manifestation processes

  • Discover self-awareness, higher consciousness, and joy

  • How to leverage your financial value by multiples

  • The most effective accelarator processes that research has found

  • The way joy increases your propensity for abundance/prosperity each time every time

  • The 4 types of genius, how they work, which one you are and how to identify and release yours dynamically

  • The way to release and dissolve blockages to financial growth, relationships, health, unconditional heart-centered activations and love

  • Dynamic integrations and activations, exercises and meditations from several of the world's leading authorities in multiple areas

  • The way we claim massive wealth internally before we get it externally

  • The accountability rituals that move us to stay focused and on track

PLUS YOU WILL Learn the power of:

*Values Alignment:  learn how to instantly transform who you are to exprience wealth acceleration.

*Vibrational Increase: the greater your frequency the easier it is to accelerate your wealth, happiness and relationships fulfillment. We will teach you what to put out and WHEN. (Timing is EVERYTHING!)

*Masterminding: The 1% and most successful people on the planet use this strategy DAILY. Find out what it is and how this simple protocol can transform your life!

We will share how all these paradigms affect your wealth, happiness, fulfillment and level of success. PLUS the most successful manifestation techniques currently known to man...

We share an exercise to assist you to instantly anchor success and genius to you forever!

Join me for this extraordinary inner-circle, cutting-edge group!

"You CANNOT achieve your major definite purpose in life without using the power of the MasterMind.

The MasterMind will Give You ABSOLUTE PROTECTION from failure."

Napoleon Hill


It's a GREAT day Harrison...

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for all that you've been sharing with us. I have bought books and programs from the likes of John Assaraf and many others but what I am learning from you is just mind blowing.

I never ever knew changing my subconscious beliefs can be that fun as you make it.

It is the consistency, And I have been following your advice and it is working. It is working like never before and I am having fun, success and am happy. Really happy with myself.

Dom Ofori-Adje

Program Structure

Our mission is to elevate and wealthorize the greatest number of people possible to take these evolutionary genius-inspired principles 25 to 80 years into the future and beyond.

"Never live where you can't see the farthest horizon."      - John Demartini

3 Calls Each Repeated Twice per Month
(Thursdays 1:30 PM & 8 PM Eastern)

1. - Teaching - Monthly Topical Dissertation by Harrison

2. - Special Q & A Call. Harrison stays on the line - no matter how long it takes - until every single question is answered

3. - World-Renowned Guest Speakers - Sharing his or her unique perspective on our topic discussion

4. - Plus periodic Tips, PDF's, Exercises to Interpret, Reinforce and Activate the Deep Processes we are sharing

5. - Facebook Group Community Forum - Like-minded as well as diverse people to interact and collaborate on accountability so we keep you on track

Option 1

One Time Investment of Only $497
With No Additional Payments Due

(This Option works out to
less than $42 per month)

Option 2

(2 Month Payment Plan)

Initial Investment of $197

Then 2 monthly Payments
of $175/Month

Total of All Payments: $547

(This Option works out to
less than $46 per month)

Option 3

(5 Month Payment Plan)

Initial Investment of $147

Then 5 monthly Payments
of $100/Month

Total of All Payments: $647

(This Option works out to
less than $54 per month)

I don't care if you never heard of “The Secret” or the Law of Attraction until today.

Or if you're just spiritually “window shopping.”

Or if you've taken fourteen other personal development programs straight from your mailbox to your dusty shelf.

Or even if you haven't got a clue WHAT you’re doing on this planet, why or how.

None of that matters.

The ONLY thing that does matter right now... is your desire to grab your one-way ticket out of the doubt and fear and numbess to high levels of success.

It really is that simple.

My question for you is…

Are you ready to join us? Are you ready to stand in your own power and awaken the master within?

Before I even mention more... I want to make every step of this transformation as easy and simple as possible for you.

That is why we're practically giving this away!

The total price of THE Dynamic Wealth and Limitless Love Mentorship Mastermind Package is only $1497... $1297... $997...

Special Offer: $497!

That includes access to next month's Living the Dream Q & A session where you can get your exact questions answered by and advice from me on YOUR specific challenges.

Option 1

One Time Investment of Only $497
With No Additional Payments Due

(This Option works out to
less than $42 per month)

Option 2

(2 Month Payment Plan)

Initial Investment of $197

Then 2 monthly Payments
of $175/Month

Total of All Payments: $547

(This Option works out to
less than $46 per month)

Option 3

(5 Month Payment Plan)

Initial Investment of $147

Then 5 monthly Payments
of $100/Month

Total of All Payments: $647

(This Option works out to
less than $54 per month)

We are dedicated to your transformation and success. Now the only question left is whether you're ready to lock your success in and set it in stone.

This is a Special Deal
Offered for a Limited Time Only

You can get your hands on this Special Offer but you must act quickly.

What You Need to Do Now:

Select Your Investment Option then
Click the Corresponding Button

to secure your entrance into
THE Dynamic Wealth and Limitless Love Mentorship Mastermind.

Option 1

One Time Investment of Only $497
With No Additional Payments Due

(This Option works out to
less than $42 per month)

Option 2

(2 Month Payment Plan)

Initial Investment of $197

Then 2 monthly Payments
of $175/Month

Total of All Payments: $547

(This Option works out to
less than $46 per month)

Option 3

(5 Month Payment Plan)

Initial Investment of $147

Then 5 monthly Payments
of $100/Month

Total of All Payments: $647

(This Option works out to
less than $54 per month)

All of us at THE Dynamic Wealth and Limitless Love Mentorship Mastermind sincerely look forward to meeting and assisting you. Anywhere you want to go from here is exactly where we can get you.

I can confidently say this because I know the only power you need is the power lying dormant within you…

And my team and I know exactly how to awaken that power.

THE Dynamic Wealth and Limitless Love Mentorship Mastermind!

To Your Joy and Abundance,

Harrison Klein & THE Dynamic Wealth and Limitless Love Mentorship Mastermind Team

P.S. Please don't forget, I specialize in immediate and lasting transformation. You could dramatically change your life in very little time. Within two weeks this offer will be gone…so take advantage of it while it’s still on the table.

Option 1

One Time Investment of Only $497
With No Additional Payments Due

(This Option works out to
less than $42 per month)

Option 2

(2 Month Payment Plan)

Initial Investment of $197

Then 2 monthly Payments
of $175/Month

Total of All Payments: $547

(This Option works out to
less than $46 per month)

Option 3

(5 Month Payment Plan)

Initial Investment of $147

Then 5 monthly Payments
of $100/Month

Total of All Payments: $647

(This Option works out to
less than $54 per month)

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Learn What Else
You Get Out of This...
& Read Just a Few More of Our Many Testimonials

...Discover self-awareness, higher consciousness, and joy.

If you’re like so many of the conscious, forward-thinking individuals with whom I speak daily, you’re exhausted from spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

You’re frustrated by all the different versions of the truth.

And you’re overwhelmed by the HUGE abundance of information out there that all seems to say something different.

But you also want more. . .

...abundance, joy, success, profit, wisdom and clarity.

The Most Powerful Truth and Ultimate Law of our Universe:
The Law of Being.

This law comes before attraction, before thought or speech or action, before having.

To get what you want, you must first BE what you want.

You learn powerful techniques and strategies for implementing this wisdom so you can begin to experience spiritual and success evolution - immediately!

How the World Really Works (The Law BEHIND the Law of Attraction)

Everything in the world breaks down into units of energy.

Every unit of energy has a frequency.

We can only create/manifest or attract that which resonates with our frequency.

So when it comes to the Law of Attraction, the question isn’t about HOW to attract – it’s about what you’re attracting.

You learn exactly what to BE, and how to align your thoughts, feelings, speech and action consistently, to attract what you want and what you are.

To Get Clear on Who You (Really) Are

Your journey begins with you – which then leads to everything that brings you joy.

So before you can officially begin your journey, you must first define your point of origin.

When you do, everything else becomes clear, efficient and easy.

Discover how to choose a state in order to experience it.

To Release Negative Emotions That Are Holding You Back.

Once you release your negative emotions, you naturally move into a state of certainty around those emotions that have stopped you from manifesting the things that are important to you.

We give you powerful exercises for releasing your anger and fear and instead choosing love, joy and worthiness so you can move forward to manifest your dreams and into your chosen state of being.

The Truth Behind The Alignment of Your Conscious, Subconscious and Superconscious Minds.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

So often, you focus so hard on manifesting a certain state of being and then feel disappointed when you don’t experience it despite a ton of hard work.

The reason this happens is because you still have deep-seated subconscious beliefs that stop you from succeeding.

But you can uncover old beliefs you’re not even aware of, and then realign the 3 components of your mind so you begin making progress faster than ever before.

Imagination: the Force that Takes You to Places You’ve Never Been

The Universe doesn’t choose which images your life expresses – you do, through your imagination.

Fortunately, you can implement an extremely powerful force to direct your mind in visualizing what you want to create.

You’re the magnificent creator of your own reality – and through your membership, you learn how to take control and create exactly the reality you want.

The Law of Karma

Put simply, whatever you want to get, give it away first.

What goes around comes around.

Again, this is a simple concept, and you learn how to implement it in daily life so you begin manifesting everything you want, simply by being the way you want to be.

Read Just a Few More of Our Many Testimonials

"I just heard THIS INSTANT from an investor and we are going to start getting pay outs on an investment that is 2 years old. It only took putting into action what I “know” but somehow didn’t practice. I will be a millionaire by the end of this year. Just getting out of my own way to allow things to start happening."

- Reta Harbaugh


"Your coaching has cut through the fog around getting what I want in life and how to have it exist right now, in the present. Your coaching around the two GREAT Universal laws and how all other Universal laws come secondary to these two great laws has forever changed my life.

You are an amazing coach who simplifies the understanding of creation and the creation process so it will be part of the daily existence process. Harrison, you've made a profound difference in my life and I'll be forever grateful to you as your gift to me is timeless."

- L. Marysh, Life Coach


"Finally! - A place where I can get the “Best of the best”, all filtered down into a “Reader’s Digest” version that I can actually understand...For years, I have gone through ups & downs in all areas of my life and trying some of this, some of that, wasting lots of my time and money only to make a little progress then falling into the trap of ALLOWING myself to get knocked back down again.

NOW with the “regular reminders” from these masters, I am beginning to put it all together and am able to catch myself going in the wrong direction much earlier, thus saving myself from another downspirial."

- Steve in Austin, TX


"Harrison, I wanted to let you know how profoundly your program has affected me! While the entire program has far exceeded any expectations, your personal story was truly a gift, and I will be forever grateful."

- Connie Kehoe


"Thank you Harrison, for putting this together. I know this will help a lot of people and transform the world."

- Mun Chan


"Since discovering the truths you have generously shared, I have begun to notice and become aware of the synchronistic events transpiring in my life. Whereas before I may have not only dismissed them but also would have lost the opportunity to fully appreciate their knowledge, love and wisdom."

- Kathleen Brewington


"This mastermind group has literally saved my sanity, and may have saved my life. I truly can’t thank you enough. I’m trying to share all these insights and new knowledge with my wife and friends."

- Dr. Brian McElfish


"Harrison's teachings have a clarity and insight as pure and vital as running water. I have practiced Buddhism for thirty years and had marvelous experiences, but never truly understood the practice on such a truly deep spiritual level till now."

- Clyde Lindsay


"This stuff is incredible!! My life is transforming daily as I re-listen and review this stuff EVERY day to keep me on track. It isn’t something you watch or read and put on the shelf to get dusty. It is something you need to play in the background of your life everyday."

-Julie Geigel


"I find this to be one of the most exciting programs I have ever found or been handed on a plate. Blessings to you."

- Anne


"I wanted to tell you how grateful Jim and I both are to be a part of your program. We are both learning so much and it has made a terrific difference in our lives, and we are applying more and more of your teachings to our everyday lives on a continuing basis.

Thank you so much for making this available to us, it has meant more than you will ever know."

- Connie & Jim


"Thank you for this great awakening journey. I am a big fan of “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction. I personally have been through life’s difficult challenges of which I was forced to accept and learned to live in the moment.

Thank you, for the lessons and the gathering of the mastermind. This is an awesome experience to be part of the Awakening."

- Lorraine Sales


"Harrison’s teachings on self-esteem showed me how and why to obliterate self-loathing. The means is simple, yet intellectually satisfying and massively spiritual. Now, my spirit and my daily self are aligned and so strong, I can hardly believe how willing I am to face all those past challenges."

- Clyde Lindsay


"Your coaching around the Universal Laws and how and why they work forever changed our lives. We increased our home income by 80%!! Thank you so much."

- Katie & Eric Teag


"I don’t quite understand how it’s happening, but since we started our coaching sessions 25 days ago, I’ve lost an average of 1.5 lbs every two days! I didn’t even diet or exercise. The only thing I’ve done differently is our coaching sessions. This is a new life for me. I am so grateful I found you!"

- Jeanne Morin


"Since getting layed off from work last November, and have had other layoffs in the past, I’ve now finally WOKEN UP. I’m finding a way to use the skills and talents I have to help others, and life is really opening up to me! The four stages of awakening is the perfect description…I feel as though I’ve finally started to tap into stage 3 :) These videos have been an extra fantastic “kick in the butt” energy to lead me on. Thank you!"

- Charlene


"Before I joined your program, my sister and I had been denied for 5 houses and had to move out of our apartment in two weeks. Everyone called us crazy, because we wanted a large home even though we didn’t have the money for it.

I followed your 60-day Quantum Leap formula and I kid you not: we applied for three more houses and received approval on all 3 of them within 48 hours of joining you! The house we chose had four other applicants fighting for it and they miraculously gave it to us! It’s a $1.3 million home, and we didn't pay even close to that much."

- Matthew M.


"Harrison, Thank you for mastering this all together, I am finding my Awakening and looking for inner self, as I am working with a similar program, I am enjoying the recordings and posts. I also am thankful for all your friends who are working with you."

- Neil


"I am very grateful to hear principles that are so important to mankind at a time like this. Thank you for putting together your program."

- S. K. Parashar


"Harrison, thank you for the excellent work you’ve done and are continuing to do!!

This has been a real boost to me personally and I truly appreciate it."

- Mike


"Your program is not only enriching but it has also elevated my self-esteem. Thanks."

- Jatinder


"Thank you, ever so much…for your time, for your beauty, and for your words of wisdom that we are drinking up. We are all so much in need of this, it is mind boggling that a strong few can create such a fierce rush of goodness for us to enjoy and love."

- Georgette Gita


"I am thrilled to see you! This movement is huge! And I want to be part of it! I have been learning from you for a long time and I am so grateful for all you do."

- Jurate Gattini


"This is truly awesome!

Understanding the laws of the universe and the way they relate to maximizing human awareness and potential can sometimes be a little daunting for some people.

Your programs offer such comprehensive insights – it will be the road to enlightenment for a great deal of people. I often suggest that people engage in this so that they can hear from the master himself.

This is the beginning of something big! A global shift in conscious awareness that has been a long time coming."